Me with a few bags. Photo by: Johan Ardefors "What sounds to be one of the most disgusting sites on the web is actually one of the funniest. A comprehensive collection of "barf bags" from airlines worldwide, this site has pictures and descriptions for each one (none are shown used). If you've ever been curious about the world of the barf bag, this is the place for you!"
Boscoplace "Superior Design Award" April 2000
Photo by: Johan Ardefors  

This bag is BIG

In a bid to knock Niek Vermeulen off his perch as the world's biggest baggist, Virgin Atlantic has issued a bag big enough for you to climb into.

This latest Virgin advertising stunt takes a sideswipe at budget airlines. The text is a bit longer than most baggists are used to reading, but I do recommend you read through to the bottom - it mentions our noble avocation!

Credit goes to Michael Christopher Scott who sent the picture and to Christian Mundigo & his wife Braden Rhetts who snagged the bag from a billboard in NYC.
Click for big picture!

Media attention

Sweden's second biggest morning paper, Svenska Dagbladet, featured a small story on Only in Swedish, sorry...
Read this article and more media attention here


Fad nauseam Winnipeg Free Press

On December 4, 2008, the USA business magazine Forbes did include Rune's barf Bag Collection in an article about odd collections.

Rune's Barf Bag Collection now exhibits:

1635 different bags from
  555 airlines in
  142 countries!

How I count bags: I count all barf bags, airline, bus, train, boat, generic (but only once!) and advertisement bags as long as they are barf bags. I don't count or collect plain white bags or non barf bags.

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The Newbie Bag
The most newly acquired bag on display
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Icelandair 5

For the first time Icelandair releases a really nice bag. "Loftslag" is Icelandic for "climate". On back a description on the Icelandic climate. And also this notable text: Please feel free to keep this bag and add it [to] your collection of aeronautical memorabilia. Click bag for details.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri for bringing this bag to
Rune's Barf Bag Collection!

Recent additions to the collection:

Click to view a bigger image!Air Force Aviation China new_small.gif (201 bytes)

A nice "Tear off top"-bag with pointy base from Air Force Aviation China. Thanks to Xusheng Chen

Click to view a bigger image!Cebu Pacific Air 3 new_small.gif (201 bytes)

Cebu Air, Inc., operating as Cebu Pacific Air, is Asia's third-largest low-cost airline based on the grounds of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila Domestic Airport), Pasay City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. It offers scheduled flights to both domestic and international destinations. Flat base with yellow print "Save the Earth. Use this bag only when necessary". Thanks to Xusheng Chen.

Click to view a bigger image!Uni Air 3 new_small.gif (201 bytes)

Nice colorful bag from this Taiwanese airline. Tear off top and peel off paper for closing. Same bag design as Eva Air. Thanks to Xusheng Chen.

Click to view a bigger image!Jeju Air 2 new_small.gif (201 bytes)

Jeju Air is an airline based in Jeju City, Jeju-do, South Korea. It operates scheduled domestic services between Jeju and the South Korea mainland. Its main base is Jeju International Airport, with a hub at Gimpo International Airport, Seoul. Thanks to Vladimir Hlasny

Click to view a bigger image!Air Mandalay 2 new_small.gif (201 bytes)

Air Mandalay is a young airline based in Myanmar (former Burma). Bag with flat base and airline URL in pleat. Thanks to Thomas Ansorge.

Click to view a bigger image!Air KBZ new_small.gif (201 bytes)

Air KBZ is a privately owned domestic Burmese (Myanmar)airline based in Yangon. Nice bag with instructions on back, vertical closing wire and contact information on base. Thanks to Thomas Ansorge.

Barf Bag Stories

New story added on december, 2008. Read and share your barf bag stories here!

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Barf bag, puke bag, air sickness bag, vomit bag,  belch bag, spew bag, Disposal bag,Kotszak, Prullenzakje, Spucktüte, Kotztüte, Spuckbeutel, Bulanti Torbasi, Luftkrankheits-tasche, Sac Vomitoire, Saco de enjoo, Sac pour mal de l'air, Bolsa de mareo, Bolsa para desperdicios, Brækpose, Kantong kebersihan, Beg Mabuk Udara, Torba chorobowa, Etiquette bukuro, Oksennuspussi, Reisesykepose,  Pahoinvointipussi, Sacchetto Per Il Mal D'aria, Kräkpåse, Spypåse, Gero-Bukuro, Sanitarinis Maiselis, Müllbeutel, Sakit Haka'ah... whatever you call it, I'm collecting them!
Wanna donate a bag  (unused, please!) to my collection? Drop me a line! I will give you credit on this page (if you wish).

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