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The people here are people that contributed to my collection in different ways, by swapping or donating bags. All of them are not necessarily collectors themselves but very friendly and generous people!


Name Web Page Number of unique bags

In Cockpit
(Contributed 100 or more unique bags)

medal.gif (1423 bytes)Josef Gebele   153
Matthias Koch   100

First Class Passengers
(Contributed more than 30 unique bags)

Frank Mulliri   81
Wolfgang H. Lüthje 78
Robert Florida
Robert gave up collecting and donated his complete collection to me, thanks a lot Robert!
Wolfgang Franken Airsickness bag-Spucktüte 55
Derek Delaney
Derek gave up collecting and donated his complete collection to me, thanks a lot Derek!
Bruce Kelly Kelly's World of Airsickness Bags 44
Senno van der Velde   42
Roger Macrae   41
Aidan Stradling   37
Jan Tomášek   36
Mark Wilson
Mark gave up collecting and donated his complete collection to me, thanks a lot Mark!
Chris Hays   32
Wilson Lui Kimchi & Insam's Aviation Page 32
Gerhard Lang http://baghecht.de/ 31

Business Class Passengers
(Contributed more than 1 unique bag)

Ronnie Irvine
Ronnie gave up collecting and donated his complete collection to me, thanks a lot Ronnie!
Ole Konarski with the help of Sören Skov Olsen (4 bags) INVISIO HEADSETS A/S 23
Massimo Nember   23
Mark Brace   19
Stuart Hickson   17
Christian Annyas   17
Alan Howlett Bagland.de 16
Fernando Assis   15
Nico Snels   15
Kristian Bengtson   15
Vladimir Hlasny   15
Thorsten Hecht http://baghecht.de/ 15
Oliver Conradi   14
Theo van Bakel   14
Erik Domajnko   14
Ken Pugh   13
Jan Hedlund   12
Karl English   12
David Shomper  RockyMountainBarfbags.com 12
Fausto Labruto   11
Thomas Baselius
Thomas gave up collecting and donated his complete collection to me, thanks a lot Thomas!
Justin Dodge
Justin gave up collecting and donated his complete collection to me, thanks a lot Justin!
http://www.safaritheglobe.com/ 10
Vidas Vekerotas   10
Rune Tapper yes, it's me ;-) Rune's Barf Bag Collection 9
Barry Day   9
Steve Jones   9
Graham Curran The Vomitorium 8
Gilles Beger   8
Torsten Radtke   8
Anita Aaslund-Larsson   8
Guenter Pufler   7
Christopher Dawson   6
Thomas Soltwedel   6
David Harris   6
Göran Östman SM4DHF Göran Östman's Home Page 6
Sven-Erik Wahl 6
Tara Ramos http://www.morningchicnessbags.com 6
Yonatan Mevorach Johnny's Barf Bags Web Site 6
Rainer Schwartz   6
Kenth Lundberg   6
Christian H Kamhaug   5
Thore Kristoffersson   5
Steve Silberberg Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum! 5
Leon Jang   5
Adam Rehnberg   4
Stefan Backström   4
Cilgia Könz and Sibylle Könz Burekhardt   4
Frederik Witte   4
Berit Krömmelbein and Camilla Appelgren   4
Anonymous Donator   4
Karl-Erik Wallin   4
Thomas Ansorge   4
Harlan Boise   4
Daniel Scheerer   3
Chris Dahl   3
Dhaval Chandra Welcome to Creation 3
Manfred Kleber   3
Kalevi Lehikoinen   3
Al Halls   3
Mats Carlens   3
Fabian Schuetz   3
Paul Mundy Airsickness bags 3
Nicola Ottolini   3
Fredric Courtay users.skynet.be/airsicknessbags/index.html 3
Gregor Kurtovic   3
Anonymous Donator   3

Jean Marc Place

Mats Enbom   3
Donald MacFie   3
Ken Schafermeyer   3
Andrew Cooper   3
Benoit Meyer   2
Guido Debenedetti   2
Jakrin Areesorn   2
Brent Antonson   2
Sergio Bartolucci   2
Magnus Lindahl   2
Robbert Honing   2
Stephen James   2
Sam Green   2
Pierfabrizio Di Marco   2
Roland Treglia   2
Joseph White   2
Zarko Koneski   2
Ronald Foerster   2
Chris Van Lint   2
Fredy Thuering Air Sickness Bag Sammlung 2
Georg Jablonowski   2
Nick Shevchenko   2
Mark Ackery   2
Camille Nykerk   2
Lev Shomer   2
Lotta Boskär   2
Ross G Thomas   2
Egon Harfeldt   2
Jaap Groen   2

Tourist Class Passengers
(Contributed 1 unique bag to my collection)

Ola Edlund   1
Mitch McKay   1
Mats Svensson   1
Urban Tapper   1
Robert Maxwell   1
Luiz Fernando Longo   1
Bo Nilsson   1
Bengt Schröder   1
Roland Johansson   1
Bengt Alverborg   1
Peter Kunst   1
Per Olsson Artberger   1
Tage Axelsson   1
Lennart Pettersson   1
Julien Mari   1
Mark Ackery   1
Kris Fleury   1
Andrew Sigal www.TripTalk.com 1
Pål Andersson   1
Nick Osborne   1
Larry Rosen   1
Jürgen Klein   1
Barbara Kerr   1
Diane Kuebler   1
Andrew Moody www.sicksaver.com 1
Tarja Larsson   1
Frederic Courtay   1
Peter Zachäus   1
Michael Anthony   1
Andreas Gauggel   1
Ole Saalmann   1
Steinar Thorsen   1
Monica Gladh   1
Jan Lindmark   1
Clemens Hirschfeld   1
Tom de Kort   1
Alexandre Braun   1
Richard Hines   1
Per Boström   1
Andreas Tjernberg   1
George Shapiro-Weiss   1
Nataša Foltánová   1
Fabrice Descombes   1
Conny Wassink   1
Erik T Larsson   1
Göran Fagerström http://www.bokverket.com 1
Jan Kubicek   1
Arnaldo Morelli  1
Jan Martin Skarberg  1
Koosje ISTHA  1
Tom Rockne http://tomrockne.com/ 1
Total number of different bags in the collection: 1592

Wanna get famous? Wanna get in to this list, or improve your current position? Easy, just send in those bags that I don't have!!

The following sites have reviewed or featured Rune's Barf Bag Collection

  • Coverage by the BBC World TV show "ClickOnLine" on July 3rd 2003. Brought about 5000 visits that week.

  • Geek of the Week on 99.3 the FOX in Vancouver, BC on November 14th, 2002

  • Reviewed in an American television program called "The Screen Savers". This is on the TechTV cable television network. On the October 14, 2002 show, Martin Sargent showed this site as a part of his "Twisted Lister" series.

  • Featured as "The Hamster of the Week" in the Swedish weekly magazine "Allas" July 18 2002

  • A reference to my site in the Wall Street Journal Friday May 10, 2002. Weekend Journal section on page w6

  • Sweden's biggest evening paper Aftonbladet featured Runes Barf Bag Collection on march 17, 2002. See the clip here!

  • In the spotlight on the collector site alt-collector on 4 December 2001

  • Featured in the Las Vegas Weekly, the weekly link November 15 2001

  • Pick of the week at Yahoo on October 28, 2001 First day brought 3000 hits to my site! Almost 10 000 hits that week!

  • Sun Daily, a Hong Kong newspaper, had this feature on 30th April, 2001. Click here to see full size.

  • Featured in Sweden's largest morning paper "Dagens Nyheter" September 17, 2000. See the whole article here!

  • Featured in the Centre for the Easily Amused on May 10, 2000

  • Winner of the Boscoplace Superior Design Award for May 2000.

  • Officially qualified as Weird at The Weird Site, May 6, 2000

  • Belgian portal Wannadoo, April 7, 2000

  • Huston Chronicle "What's Online", November 19, 1999. New feature on 6 November, 2001 in "What's on line"

  • Top of the link list on 107.5 The Buzz - Houston, TX

  • Surf-Tip van de dag from the Dutch ISP and portal WISH on 20 September, 1999 (122 hits in one day) and also an article on the same site (in Dutch...).

  • Starlive TODAY'S HOT WEBSITES (now on the past websites)

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  • Highlights in Star*96.9fm's Website in Spokane

  • Danish internet portal get2net gives Rune's Barf Bag Collection 4 thumbs up!

  • The FrequentFlier.com features Rune's Barf Bag Collection in their weekly newsletter on August 19, 1999


Cool site award 25 October 2001

April winner 2000

Pick of the week at Yahoo on
October 28, 2001

Worst of the web November 28, 2001

5 Star Humor Site

Seven Wonders. The Humor and the Unusual Site of the Week on March 18, 2002.

Cool site of the night on July 15, 2002


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